Hello and welcome to my portfolio!

About Me

I am Eric Averbeck, a software developer located in the Columbus OH, area. I have lived here since roughly 2015

I am a student at WeCanCodeIt bootcamp and have learned a vast array of skills such as:

  • Java
  • Javascript
  • OOP
  • TDD

  • Contact information:

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  • Projects:

    I have completed several projects and the ones I am most proud of are here listed below.

    Peppermint mine: PEPMINE

    On this project the goal was to replicate a cookie clicker style game with functionality.
    To create this Javascript, HTML, and, CSS were used.

    Virtual Pet Amok: VPAMOK

    On this project the goal was to recreate with more facets the virtual pet games of old but including multiple pets.
    To create this Java TDD were used.


    On this project the goal was to adjust and alter a review site with MVC functionality testing knowledge of MVC.
    To create this MVC, HTML, OOP, and, Java were used.